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ature’s sounds are tuned at 432 Hz rather than at 440 Hz as is the case with the music we usually listen to every day of our lives.
MOZART and VERDI were accustomed to tune their musical instruments at 432 Hz. The Stradivarius range comprised instruments which were attuned at 432 Hz.

Alpha waves are positively stimulated by 432 Hz frequencies, thereby favouring the establishment of a balance between the different brain hemispheres. Music at a 432 Hz impacts beneficially on the entire etheric physical body.

It likewise endangers harmony and healing within the other subtle bodies, in addition to improving concentration and meditation.
Our DNA is a kind of antenna which keeps being in a stable phase of balance with frequencies that are harmonious with its originally programmed frequency, that is, with harmonic frequencies at 432 Hz.        

Here under are some examples of sonorities at 432 Hz :


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